25 September 2016

Women of the British Empire ~ from Kelli

Have you heard of them?  The Chapters have been around since the early 1900's.  I know one other member. It's fairly new to me, until my mother became a member last year. I was fortunate to attend they're yearly afternoon tea!  Perfect strong Engligh Tea, mini sandwiches, scones with jam and cream, and all kinds of cookies. 

My mum and I!  I wore my Summer Flies knitted with Madeline Tosh (fingering), color Tart

14 September 2016

blue mood - Melissa

I'm soooo close to finishing this enormous undertaking ... my first knitting project in over a year, really, that I will finish in a timely fashion.  I start the lace border tonight and will try to get a few pictures this weekend as it starts coming off the needles.
And while that is happening I'll be trying to decide what to knit next. 
It will be blue.
I think... : )




29 August 2016

Stonecroppers - Remember me? I've been knitting this whole time - guest blogger Jenny

I cast on to the Stonecrop Knit-A-Long January 1st with everyone else and I am finally done!  And yes, I've been knitting this whole time.  I'm just so super slow.

For me, it's a really a KALLLT (Knit-A-Long-Long-Long-Time).

Anyway, from first stitch to last, our first grand baby was born, lost a dear friend to cancer, remodeled our house, had a significant career change - it's all knitted in here.  

Thanks all - enjoy the journey.
Jenny A.

26 August 2016

Knitt'in In The North Cascades~ from Kelli

Washington State has some of the most beautiful sights. I knit and pay attention to the scenery as  we drive up and over the Cascade Mountains. 

 I am knitting away here in this photo, while people are milling around staring at me, asking themselves...is she knitting?  My husband takes the pictures while explaining...she has a blog,that's why she's sitting there knitting. 

Fun times and soothing knits!

19 August 2016

All Set For The Season! From Kelli

Given highly coveted Seattle Seahawk tickets from Melissa and hubby!!! (Thank you two again) My middle daughter M'lis and I had a great time watching the first home game. Even tho it was 86 degrees, I wore my new team spirit scarf and rooted my team on!!! Loosing from an interception at the last minute was a hard pill to swallow...I'd do it all again to spend time with one of my girls!  Go Hawks!
 and yes I'm am knitting on!

14 August 2016

Taking Daughter To College ~ by Kelli

We drove our daughter across the state to drop her (and my heart) to start University College. She attended Skagit Community College while finishing up her last two years in High School. 
New chapters for her and my husband and I. 
I'll be knitting easy projects for a while. I'm 80% done with this poncho. It's a perfect mindless knit while I get use to our empty-nest ness ~ sigh...change...it'll get better. Glad I have knitting!

07 August 2016

Wanna Learn To Knit, Pup? Kelli & Ella

We try to take our dog on our day trips. Knock on wood she's done really well of leaving my wool alone! (Needles too). Summer is skipping on ~ hope everyone is enjoying ways to stay cool enough to knit!  
Hope to hear from my sista Melissa more!